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Closed Pod vs Open Pod Vape Kit

Closed Pod vs Open Pod - What is Palm Fit Closed Pod Starter Kit?

Pod System is an electronic cigarette compact type that makes use of self-contained pods to store E-Liquids. Thanks to its portability and discreet design, this vape kit type is becoming a new popular way to vape in NZ. Find out why Palm Fit is a perfect pod kit for you.

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What is Nicsalt?

Nicotine Salts Are controversial today for the amount of nicotine it allows vapers to use. Most early adapters say this is the closest to smoking cigarettes without burning actual tobacco leaves.

Battery Safety

Vape batteries explode if you don’t take care of them well enough. Take heed and read some of the things you should remember when handling batteries to avoid injuries.

New to Vaping?

Thinking of switching from old, smelly, regular, tobacco cigarettes to vaping? Good idea! Let us help you with that by showing you the basics of vaping.

What Nicotine Level should I vape?

Nicotine by itself is relatively harmless. It’s just highly addictive which makes it hard for people to stop smoking. That’s why there is still nicotine in most e-juices available commercially. But now, you control how much nicotine you’d like to ingest. So, what nicotine level should you vape?