Disposable Bar

Disposable Bar

Disposable Bar

Our new disposable bar is coming soon! With 8.5ml capacity of liquid, our new disposable bars allows users to have a fantastic longer use with up to 4000 puffs.

Nicotine Strength: 50mg


  • Salty Kiwi World: Ice Blue Raspberry - VG/PG: 40/60
  • Salty Tropical World: Banana Ice - VG/PG: 40/60
  • Tote Aoturoa: Green Grape - VG/PG: 45/55
  • Salty Fizzy World: Ice Cola Wild Cherry - VG/PG: 40/60
  • Salty Puff World: Watermelon Ice - VG/PG: 45/55


  • Size: 8.5ml
  • 4000 puffs
Coming Soon
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Ice Blue Raspberry:

  • Ice, Blueberry, Raspberry

Banana Ice:

  • Banana, Ice

Green Grape:

  • Green Grape, hint of ice

Ice Cola Wild Cherry:

  • Cola, Soda, Cherry, Ice

Watermelon Ice:

  • Watermelon, Ice