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JinLin Desktop Vaporizer VP350

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This is the desktop Dry herb vaporizer for tobacco use only and you can set the temprature there up to 210C and you have the option for timer as well.


  • Finished hardwood box, Glass mouthpiece
  • Best Heating Element, Hand Free Glass piece
  • Blue, Green and Red flashing lights
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control

Material of vaporizer:

  • wooden and metal
  • ceramic heating element.

 How to use it?

1. Turn the switch on and choose the desired optimal temperature, for example 190 degrees Celsius, by pressing rotating knob. Allow the VP 350 to warm up for a few minutes. The light will turn green when the temperature is reached.

2. Grind the material you want to vaporize and put it in the glass whip, which you keep in such a way that the warning sticker which says "HOT" is turned almost upside down. Do not put too much at once. A thin layer of 3-6 mm. thick is best

3. Slide the tip of the heating element into the filling chamber

4. Begin by taking a few short and fast puffs through the tube. For each consecutive puff, slow down your breath. The slower you inhale, the hotter and stronger the resulting vapour will be. Experiment until you find your ideal breath and temperature range preference on the knob. You will quickly get a feel for this.

5. If the material starts to blacken, turn down the temperature a little or inhale faster. After a few inhalations you will notice your exhaust thinly decreasing, indicating that the material is depleted of its essential oils.

6. Once the material is "spent" and you've allowed the filling chamber to cool down sufficiently, carefully turn the set upside down again and disconnect the filling chamber. Use the wooden stir tool to help remove any stuck material.


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Product Name JinLin Desktop Vaporizer VP350
New Arrivals 6/04/2013
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