Coronavirus Prevention Tips When Vaping

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Coronavirus Prevention Tips When Vaping

1. Wash And Sanitize Your Hands

It’s something so simple that most people don’t do properly. Every day you are touching things such as your phone, keyboards, door handles which are a great place that germs and viruses can be passed on. Take a minute to ensure that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water before even setting up any vape. Not washing your hands means that any germs or virus on your hand is able to be passed onto your vape, especially your mouth tips. Be sure to always wash your hands.

2. Do Not Share Your Vape Devices

This is one of the fastest ways for a virus to spread, through person to person contact. Avoid sharing any vaping product even if it’s with your friends or family to reduce the chance of COVID-19 spreading. On top of that, avoid using testing devices or sample products that are generally available in physical stores as you would not want to use something that others have used even if you are not using the same mouth tips.

3. Avoid Crowded Places

Bars and social gatherings are an awesome way to meet up and socialize with friends and family. However, if possible, try to avoid places that are crowded during the outbreak. It isn’t currently known yet what the exact symptoms are during the early phase of being infected are so ensuring that you make the least amount of human contact possible is ideal. This includes vaping near others as well as the vapour that is being exhaled may also potentially spread the virus.

4. Clean Your Vape Devices Regularly

Think about it, you have touched many things throughout the day and touching your vape will pass that on. If you are using your vape, clean all parts before and after every use to ensure that it’s sanitized. If you vape, you’re most likely carrying it around the whole day. Ensure to give it a quick wipe and wash your mouth tips. Before changing the coil, always ensure that your hands are washed and clean. While NZ and the rest of the world continue to navigate through the COVID-19, Shosha is committed to ensuring that the virus does not spread. We are following the Ministry of Health guidelines and have implemented precautionary measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and our valued customers. We are taking every step possible to ensure that all our customers will be able to still shop with us with the same great customer service expected and peace of mind knowing that we take great measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers alike.