E-Liquid Flavours for Every Taste: The Salty World Series

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E-Liquid Flavours for Every Taste: The Salty World Series

Looking for new nicotine e-liquids for your vaping device? Shosha has the largest collection of nicotine e-liquids in New Zealand and Australia. The Salty World E-Liquid Series has flavours for every taste and preference, from sweet and sour, to tropical and fruity. Each collection in the Salty World Series has its own theme of unique nicotine e-liquid flavours. Learn more about our most popular e-liquids below and discover our latest offerings for a quality vaping experience.

Salty World

The First Collection Of The Series

5 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty World collection

The first collection of the Salty World Series features a wide selection of delicious vape flavours that provide a satisfying and smooth throat hit. Flavours include watermelon, mint, pineapple, mango, tobacco, and more.

Frozen Salty World

Icy Nicotine Salts for a Refreshing Puff

7 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Frozen Salty World collection

The Frozen Salty World is popular amongst menthol lovers and vaping enthusiasts. These Nicotine Salt e-liquid flavours are the perfect choices for a hot summer’s day. Each puff will provide a refreshing breeze and leave you wanting more.

Salty Puff World

Soothing, Summer-Inspired Nicotine Salts E-Liquids

7 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Puff World collection

There are 10 wonderous flavours to choose from Salty Puff World, and they’re all inspired by Summer. From the sweet taste of cola to the refreshing taste of watermelon strawberry, these e-liquid flavours are guaranteed to soothe your taste buds.

Salty Krush World

Thirst-Quenching Beverage E-Liquid Flavours

7 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Krush World collection

For thirst-quenching beverage flavours and fruity e-liquid options, be sure to check out the Salty Krush World collection. From the taste of a cold beer to a refreshing milkshake, we have vape flavours inspired by all your favourite beverages.

Salty Fizzy World

Get an Energy Kick from Bubbly E-liquids

6 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Fizzy World collection

This collection has an impressive range of bubbly and carbonated drink flavoured e-liquids that will give you an energy kick. Browse a variety of refreshing fizzy flavours, including icy-cola pineapple, cola wild-cherry, berry lemonade, and much more.

Salty Kiwi World

Go Down Memory Lane with Nostalgic Kiwi Flavours

7 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Kiwi World collection

The Salty Kiwi World e-liquid collection is just as tasty, especially if you’re looking for that unique Kiwi taste. Explore a range of Kiwi flavours that will send you down memory lane, including Feijoa Peach, blue raspberry, and more.

Salty Tropical World

Explore Delicious Fresh-Fruit Mixes E-Liquid Flavours

6 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Tropical World collection

Don’t miss the Salty Tropical World collection. The vape flavours in this collection are a favourite amongst vape enthusiasts, especially during the summertime. Try out a range of delicious fresh-fruit mixes, from lemon and lime to banana.

Salty Bubble World

Discover the Latest in the Salty World E-Liquid Series

6 nicotine e-liquid bottles of Salty Bubble World collection

Salty Bubble World is the latest collection in the series that will have your taste buds spinning. It offers Nicotine Salts e-liquids in a range of tasty new flavours, including vanilla, candy berry, and more. Freebase e-liquid options are also available.

Freebase E-Liquid Versions Of The Best-selling Flavours

Some of our best-selling e-liquid collections include Salty Puff World and Frozen Salty World. To respond to the high demand, we have released Freebase e-liquid versions of popular flavours such as Cola Ice, Peach Ice, and Ice Strawberry Guava. Freebase nicotine e-liquids are the most common form of nicotine available in the vaping market and are compatible with most vape kits.

Buy Nicotine Salt Vape Juice Online – Shop at Shosha

Buy nicotine salts vape juice online at Shosha and get E-liquid flavours delivered straight to your door. We have hundreds of e-liquid flavours to choose from, available in various nicotine strengths. Be sure to keep an eye out on Shosha for the latest flavours in our Salty World Series. For more information about our e-liquid range, enquire online or visit us in-store.