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New Zealand's New Vaping Bill

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New Zealand's New Vaping Bill

Update, November 12: The NZ vaping regulations have come into force from the 11th of November 2020. Learn more about what the new vaping regulations mean for you.

Today marks an important moment in New Zealand vaping history, New Zealand has officially passed a vaping bill to regulate the use of vaping products. The new vaping laws will come into force on 11th of November 2020.

So what will this new bill include and how will this affect our customers?

Specialist Vape Retailer

The bill as introduced provides that, for a retailer to be classified as a “specialist vape retailer”, at least 70% of their total sales from the retail premises should be from the sale of vape related products. At Shosha, we meet the 70% sales threshold therefore we will operate as a Specialist Vape Retailer which allows our customers to access the full range of vaping products and more without any restrictions.

Restriction of Sale to Minor

Once the new bill comes into effect, it will be illegal to sell vaping products to those under the age of 18 years old. At Shosha, we have been self-regulating since we first started and we will continue to take all practicable steps to prevent people aged under 18 from accessing vaping products and approved vaping premises. For example: checking IDs before allowing entrance into our Shosha stores and adding 18+ stickers on our courier packages.

Product Safety

The most important part of this legal framework is the safety requirements being introduced for vaping products. Here at Shosha, our vaping products have always been manufactured to the highest standards which means that all of our products will meet or exceed the standards set out in this new bill. Our products will be notified and comply with product safety requirements in accordance with the “Smokefree Environments and Regulated Vaping Amendment Bill” therefore, you can shop with confidence at Shosha knowing our products are safe.

E-liquid Flavours

Any stores that do not meet the Specialist Vape Retailer standards will be restricted to selling only the following flavours: tobacco, menthol, and mint. Shosha will be registered as a Specialist Vape Retailer meaning we can continue selling our full range of flavours. Specialist Vape Retailers can continue to allow their customers to try the products before purchasing. Therefore, we have e-liquid testing stations available at all our Shosha stores so that you can try the flavours before you purchase to ensure it is suitable for you.

Nicotine Pouches

Unfortunately, the new bill calls for the ban of nicotine pouches such as NicNac, QuickFuel and White Fox. We are sad to see that these products will be banned as we believe that these products played an important role as a less harmful alternative to smoking.


Once the new bill comes into effect, advertisements for regulated products will be prohibited in New Zealand. This means that advertising on TV, radio, online, and sponsorship advertising will not be allowed. But, Specialist Vape Retailers are exempt from some prohibitions on advertising vaping products. Specialist vape retailers can continue to communicate about vaping products to their existing customers, talk about vaping products, and safe use of the products to customers inside their vaping premises.