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This year’s Stoptober is here and it has never been a better time to take part and join one of the many Kiwis that have successfully become smoke-free. To help encourage you to take part this year, we have provided a lot of information and tips to quit smoking.

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Quitting alone can be tough, so if you have a family member that smokes as well ask them to join the journey and quit together. That way, you can keep each other motivated and encouraged to quit smoking as well as being able to talk to one another about any struggles you may have.

If you are the only one that smokes in the family, it is still important to talk to your family to let them know that you are quitting. Being able to be encouraged and receive support from those around you is one of the best motivations to stay smoke-free.



We all know that habits are hard to break. Which is why when smoking becomes a habit, it becomes one of the most difficult habits to break. The first and most important thing to know is finding out what is causing your habit of smoking to kick it and managing it. If you smoke mainly when you drink, it is important to avoid drinking until you are smoke-free. You can also use an alternative such as an e-cigarette if you require something in your hand and if it is purely habitual - you can opt in for a nicotine free e-cigarette.



Ensuring that your cravings are managed can be difficult. This is especially when you are smoking due to stress or any other emotional reasons. A good way to manage your cravings is by distracting yourself which includes calling a friend, taking a walk, or having a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit.

You can also substitute your cravings with other means such as a patch, gum, or a vape which will provide the nicotine you need without all the chemicals and toxins found in a cigarette.



Having a goal is a good motivation to keep you on track with your smoke-free journey. This will allow you to track your progress and keep you motivated. Be sure to always set yourself a milestone and reward yourself once you reach that milestone - this will keep you motivation high and will allow you to keep on going.


If you are finding it difficult to start becoming smoke-free, you are not alone. Smoking is very addictive but to encourage you to start, we’ve prepared a list of reasons why you should quit this Stoptober.

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You’ll be doing people around you a huge favour when you quit because it’s not only you being harmed but others around you too. The chemicals inhaled from second-hand smoking contain the same harmful chemicals that you inhale into your lungs when you smoke.


Reasons to quit smoking family image

You’ll be doing people around you a huge favour when you quit because it’s not only you being harmed but others around you too. The chemicals inhaled from second-hand smoking contain the same harmful chemicals that you inhale into your lungs when you smoke.


Reasons to quit smoking health image

When you quit smoking, you will feel immediate changes in your health and well-being. Here are some examples of how quitting can benefit your health: better circulation, improved taste and smell, more energy, boost to your immune system, cleaner teeth and mouth, improved sex life, lower risk of cancer.


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Cigarette prices are increasing, making it very expensive to smoke. Australia’s cigarette prices are the highest in the world, New Zealand is the next-most expensive country to smoke cigarettes. You could save up to $8000 a year when you quit. Just imagine the things you can do with that amount.


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Young children that are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to develop lower respiratory tract infections, middle-ear problems, or asthma. Besides, kids learn fast by looking at your actions, if you smoke, kids may end up following your actions. Children who start smoking at a younger age are more likely to smoke heavily and at greater risks of developing smoking-related diseases. Quit smoking now and set an example as this will affect the future generation.


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When you quit smoking, your body starts to repair itself. As the toxic chemicals break down from your body, you get much more blood circulation - meaning more oxygen and nutrients for your head down to your toes. Your face will develop a healthier complexion and whiter teeth.


Reasons to quit smoking pregnancy image

If you smoke during pregnancy, you are putting you and your baby’s health at risk. You will face common problems like miscarriage and premature labour because the poison from the tobacco enters your bloodstream and passes it through the placenta to your baby.

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