Shosha Strawberry E-liquid

Shosha Strawberry E-liquid

WARNING: Some products on this site contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Shosha Strawberry E-liquid

90% of 100

Shosha Strawberry E-Liquid's Entry feature with strawberry fruit, float and sweet. Life like smell of ripe strawberry. Sucking on one, ripe strawberry scent intoxicated people. Let's enjoy the sweetness of the red, full of ripe strawberries, this is a fragrance that cannot be ignored if you love the sweet taste.

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Shosha Australia is a separate company to Shosha New Zealand. We provide nicotine e-liquid legally to both New Zealand and Australian customers. When Australian customers order nicotine e-liquid the e-liquid is delivered from New Zealand to Australia tracked within 5 working days, when New Zealand customers order nicotine e-liquid the e-liquid is sent from Australia to New Zealand tracked within 3 working days.

Both New Zealand and Australia have similar laws that allow the importation of nicotine e-liquid but not the domestic sale of nicotine e-liquid. Using our system NZ and AU vapers can enjoy fast shipping times while keeping the cost low for high quality nicotine e-liquid.

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