General Stores Vape Flavour Restrictions

General store flavour restrictions come into force from 11th August 2021. Section 63(2) of the bill specifies that a generic retailer (that is, not a specialist retailer) must not sell a vaping product containing a flavour that is not listed in Part 1 of Schedule 2. As introduced, these flavours are tobacco, menthol, and mint. When we talk about the banning of flavoured E-liquids, we are also referring to the flavoured replacement pods for closed pod systems along with disposable pods.


Where can I buy flavoured E-liquids after 11th August 2021?

From 11th August 2021, general retailers that are not classified as specialist vape retailers are only able to sell flavours in the following classes: tobacco, menthol, and mint flavoured E-liquids. If you want to purchase other flavoured vaping liquids that are not within those classes, you must purchase them from a specialist vape shop. Shosha will continue to stock the full range of flavoured E-liquids for you to purchase, therefore vapers who are dependent on flavoured vape juice to quit smoking will continue to have this option from Shosha.

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What happens to flavoured closed pod systems after 11th August 2021?

Pod systems are the go-to alternative to help smokers quit but now that flavours of replacement pods for “closed pod systems” are restricted, we recommend users make the switch to an open pod system instead.

Switching to the Palm Fit 2.0 open pod system is an ideal choice as it uses refillable pods which offer freedom to unlimited flavours, you can refill the pod with any flavour of your favourite Nicotine Salt E-liquids

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