World Smokefree Day 2022

We are now only 3 years before reaching our goal of a Smokefree New Zealand. Smoking has been on the decline with over 1,100,000 adults that have given up and we would encourage you to join them to help reach the 2025 Smokefree goal. It is more important than ever that we continue to spread awareness about the dangers of smoking and switch to less harmful alternatives such as vaping. This World Smokefree Day, we want to encourage as many Kiwis to quit smoking and seek a healthier life-style. If you want to join over 1 million Kiwis who have successfully quit smoking and learn how vaping can help you quit then read below.


These days there are many less harmful alternatives to smoking cigarettes, which has made it a lot easier for people to quit. These include vaping which has so far been the most popular choice for smokers wanting to quit, and for good reasons. Vaping allows people to stop smoking without cutting off nicotine completely. This is useful, because nicotine is the addictive part of smoking, but not the biggest health risk. There are thousands of ingredients in a cigarette that are extremely damaging (with many known to cause cancer) and vaping avoids all these harmful ingredients.


If you smoke, chances are you’ll have bad breath - and if you’re thinking that no one ever says anything about it, then they are just being nice. Having a bad breath is off-putting so wouldn’t it be nice to be around friends and families without worrying about your breath?

As vaping comes in many flavors (such as fruity, creamy, dessert), it not only allows you to avoid having a bad breath but when you vape, the vapor produced are a lot more pleasant than the smell of cigarettes, which is always a big plus when you’re around non-smokers.


The benefits of quitting or even reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke will have a significant benefit on your overall health. Some of the benefit includes:

  • Reducing the chances of having cancer.
  • More energy.
  • More money in your pocket.
  • Better dental hygiene.
  • Clearer and better looking complexion.
Quitting gives you more energy to do the things you love.
For whiter and better teeth. Quit smoking today.


Ever since vaping was introduced into New Zealand, the market has been flooded with different vaping devices and e-liquids and finding the right vape for you may seem difficult. But if you are ready to quit, talk to us today. We have an incredible team with knowledge to answer all your questions no matter how big or small and the largest selection available we can tailor something to suit your needs. With over 100 stores across New Zealand, there’s a reason that Shosha is your go-to trusted store.